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The Port Registration Office has opened in Via al Molo Giano 
(Ship Repairs Area of the Port of Genoa opposite Quadrio Port Gate)

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Tel. +39 010 241 2566

As provided for, both by current ordinances on the subject, and by the Port Security Plan, to access the areas of the Port of Genoa included within the boundaries of security and to circulate within them, it is necessary to obtain a special permit, which is issued only to persons who require access to perform activities to be carried out within the aforementioned perimeter.

The permit is strictly personal and may not be used in any way and/or in areas other than those specified in the request for release.

To the users that hold this personal permit, where provided for and on request, a personal permit for vehicle access to the port can be issued. Valid port access permits may also be issued to vehicles registered in the name of companies accredited to port access.

Access to the port areas without the relative permit constitutes a violation of the provisions of current regulations on security and, consequently, those responsible for such non-compliance will be punished, if the act no longer constitutes a serious crime, on the basis of the provisions of the Navigation Code. The valid permit for port access, both personal and vehicular, is issued exclusively for the purpose and for the time strictly necessary to carry out what is indicated in the application submitted to the Port Registry Office. This request must be received at least 10 working days prior to the date requested for the first access to the port area.

With the withdrawal and consequent use of the access permit, the user declares to be aware of the laws, regulations and Ordinances in force in the maritime compendium of the port, relieving the Authority of any responsibility for any damage that may arise from access and consequent transit, parking and stopping in that port area. 

In the event of termination of the employment relationship or termination of the reasons for which the permit was issued, the Company that requested it must notify the Security Office of the termination of the right and, within 5 days, return it to the Port Registry Office with a declaration on headed paper listing the numbers of permits returned.

The complete documentation relating to requests for access permits can be delivered to the Port Registry Office located in Via al Molo Giano (Ship Repairs Area of the Port of Genoa opposite Quadrio Port Gate) during public opening hours (Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) or sent by post or courier to the headquarters of the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority with the indication Ufficio Anagrafe Portuale - Palazzo San Giorgio - Via della Mercanzia, 2 - 16124 Genoa, ensuring that it is received at least 10 working days prior to the date requested for first access. 

Payment due for the relative fixed fees can be made directly through a POS available at the Port Registry Office and/or by invoicing upon registration at the Institution’s Accounting Office and the assignment of a Customer Code (pdf - 184.01 Kb ).

Valid permits for port access for business purposes

In order to carry out work in the port area, the request must be accompanied by prior authorisation from the holder of the State concession to which the employees / owners of the Company must go to carry out these activities. This prior authorisation can be formulated using Form A (pdf - 82.19 Kb ), which must be completed by the Legal Representative of the Company holding the State concession where the work will be carried out.

Form B (pdf - 142.6 Kb ) is the request that must be completed in its entirety by the Legal Representative of the Company requesting access to the port, and must always be accompanied by the attached Form C (pdf - 248.53 Kb ) where the persons and any vehicles for which access to the port is requested must be listed in detail.

Applications for the issue of electronic badges, for entitled users, delivered to the Port Registry Office of Ponte dei Mille, must be sent to and, where applicable, photos must be in digital format .jpg, in colour and sufficiently sharp.

For applications for the issue of electronic badges through a web portal, the entitled users must be enabled in advance, through the issue of a login and password, by the Port Registry Office.

In the case of work to be carried out in the water or in the basin on board ships with an overall length of more than 24 metres, with the work order coming from a person who is not a holder of a Company Licence, as per the Regulations for the Shipbuilding Sector of the Port of Genoa, Provisional Authorisation must be requested from the Company Activities Office.

In the case of work relating to specialist interventions as per the Shipbuilding Regulations and lasting no more than one day for a maximum of two people, an application for Specialist Authorisation must be sent to the Directorate of Territory - Office of Hygiene and Safety at Work Port - Industrial Sector.

Valid permits for access to the outer breakwater for amateur fishing

The permits for amateur fishermen are personal and issued in a limited number on the basis of the requests drawn up by filling in Form D (pdf - 98.15 Kb ). The permit allows the holder to go to the breakwaters, only in authorised areas, using the boat service departing from the berths located at the Falcone - Borsellino dock in the Porto Antico area and at the Marina di Genoa Sestri Ponente Molo Camillo Luglio, and to carry out amateur fishing activities according to the applicable ordinances issued by the local Harbour Master's Office. The applicant must complete Form D (pdf - 98.15 Kb ) in its entirety. Permits expire 30 months after the issue date.

Valid permits for port access in favour of road haulage

The Legal Representative of the road haulage company, in compliance with the registration to the specific register, should present the request for electronic badges for the employed drivers by completing Forms E (pdf - 98.36 Kb ) and(pdf - 170.13 Kb ) in order to authorise access to the common areas of the port for the sole purpose of allowing the loading and unloading of goods and only with transit by tractor unit, lorry or B-train.

The complete application must be sent by email to attaching colour photos of the drivers in .jpeg format. To facilitate the procedures for the issue/renewal of port access badges for road haulage, the Port System Authority has developed specific applications within E-Port that ensure the remote completion of Forms E and F.

For further information please contact:

Telematics Call Centre Hub (
Tel. (+39) 010 2473 104 - (+39) 010 2466 533
Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday from 06:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Valid port access permits for non-working purposes

In order to carry out activities in the port area that do not fall within the scope of the work but relate to other categories such as, by way of example, as a member of a nautical club, visitor, intern, embarked personnel, etc., the request referred to in Form G (pdf - 99.93 Kb ) must be drawn up by the holder of the State concession to whom the persons whose access to the port is requested must go. Form G (pdf - 99.93 Kb ) must always be accompanied by Form H (pdf - 144.95 Kb ) which will list, in detail, the persons and any vehicles for which access to the port is requested.

Daily Valid permits for access to the port

In the event of the absence of an access pass, the security staff at each port gate shall draw up a daily pass, valid up to and no later than midnight (12:00 a.m.) of the same day, in a limited form and in the order of a maximum of three daily permits per month from the date of first issue. The permit is issued on the basis of limited conditions and, in any case, solely and exclusively for those who require occasional access to carry out port-related activities. This permit shall cease to be valid when the person leaves the port.

Duplicates / License Plate Changes

The request for a duplicate shall be made by the person holding the valid port access permit. It must be expressed in the formula of self-certification according to the D.P.R. 445 of 28 December 2000, enclosing a copy of the valid identity document and indicating the type of permit, the number and the reason for which the duplicate is requested (loss, theft, deterioration, malfunction).

In the event of deterioration or malfunction, valid access passes must be attached. The following Number Plate Change Form (pdf - 71.68 Kb ) may be used. The request for a number plate change must be made by the person who filled in Forms B or G at the time of the first request, indicating the permit number, the holder, the area of authorisation and the number plate of both the old and new vehicles, attaching the valid titles for access to the port during validity. The following Duplicate Form (pdf - 95.44 Kb ) may be used.


The release, renewal, withdrawal, replacement or issue of duplicates of the port access permit are subject to the payment of a fixed fee established by the Port Registry Office of the Western Ligurian Sea Port System Authority according to the various classifications as per the following table:

Electronic cards / badgesOrdinary rateDiscounted rate**
Personal permit20 € / year3 € / year
Personal permit for amateur fishermen20 € / year/
Personal car permit30 € / year for area22 € / year for area
Company car permit30 € / year for area3 € / year for area
Haulier badgeFixed-right-exempt/
Provisional permits (up to 90 days)Standard tariffPreferential tariff
Personal permit6 €1 €
Personal car permit6 €6 €
Company car permit6 €1 €
Provisional Authorisation2 € person / day/
Duplicate / Change License Plate5 €5 € per area
Event15 €
Exhibition at Maritime Stations200 €

**The preferential tariff and any further exemptions from the payment of the fixed fee are granted only to certain categories which, for justified reasons, must request them, formalised with specific Ordinance of the Body.

- Form A (pdf - 82.19 Kb )
- Form B (pdf - 142.6 Kb )
- Form C (pdf - 248.53 Kb )
- Form D (pdf - 98.15 Kb )
- Form E (pdf - 98.36 Kb )
- Form F (pdf - 170.13 Kb )
- Form G (pdf - 99.93 Kb )
- Form H (pdf - 144.95 Kb )
- Number Plate Change Form (pdf - 71.68 Kb )
- Duplicate Form (pdf - 95.44 Kb )
- Customer Code (pdf - 184.01 Kb )