Reefer Terminal - APM Terminals Vado Ligure s.p.a.

Banchina Raffaello Orsero - Porto Vado, 17028 Bergeggi (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 28911
Fax +39 019 2891560

Reefer Terminal is the leading fruit terminal in the Med Sea, handling a volume of fresh produce which has passed from 85,000 t in 1982 to about 500,000 t in the last years; bananas and pineapples trade covers about 50% of the business, while the remaining is represented by citrus and other fruit from South Africa, West Africa, Centre and South America and New Zealand.

In the port of Vado Ligure, Reefer Terminal operates reefer warehouses for a total of 24,000 sqm, equipped with 15 independent cells with controlled temperature (from -2 to +14 centigrade) and 4 conditioned areas, for a total storage capacity of 13,000 pallets.

Reefer Terminal is controlled by APM Terminals and manages the handling and storage of fresh fruit.

Reefer Terminal also manages the container terminal of the Savona Vado Port.

The main quay is 470 m long, with a depth of 14 m, while the storage yard has an annual potential 250,000 TEU and is equipped with 500 reefer plugs.

The terminal equipment includes 2 ship to shore cranes, 2 RMG yard cranes and a fleet of fork-lifts, reach stackers, yard tractors etc.

A reserved area for hazardous cargo storage, a Container Freight Station and a fully equipped workshop for container repairs complete the terminal facilities.

Finally, in the last years there has been an important increase in handling break-bulk cargo, such as railway wagons, locomotives, project cargo.

QUAY port of Vado Ligure
“Raffaello Orsero” quay (length 240 m - depth 10 m);
“Principale” quay (length 470 m - depth 14 m);
“Ro-Ro” quay (length 200 m - depth 9 m)
FRUITS STORAGE AREA total indoor area: 24,000 sqm
(15 independent cells with automatic temperature control)
4 conditioned areas (+8° to +13° C) - capacity 3,500 pallets
refrigerated rooms (-2° to +14°C) - capacity 10,000 pallets
CONTAINER STORAGE AREA 173,000 sqm; Annual Container Capacity 250.000 TEUs
PORT EQUIPMENT 2 ship to shore gantry cranes (outreach: 16 row; capacity: 40 t under spreader); 2 RMG stacking cranes (gap 46 m; capacity: 35 t under spreader); reach stackers; forklifts and transpallets; yard tractors; trailers; 510 reefer plugs
TERMINAL FACILITIES Container Freight Station (CFS); services centre for all types of goods; reserved area for hazardous cargo storage; fully-equipped workshop for all types of repairs, PTI Pre-Trip Inspection for Reefer Container 
OPERATING CAPACITY maximum size of ships served: 6.000 TEUs