Compagnia unica lavoratori merci varie Paride Batini

Piazzale San Benigno - 16149 Genova (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 24901

The Compagnia Unica (CULMV) groups together the dockworkers of the Port of Genoa. It was founded in 1340 as the Compagnia dei Caravana and restructured in 1946 to form the cooperative CULMV and offer a pool of highly specialised and experienced dockers to the terminal operators. To date, the Compagnia Unica is composed of almost 900 atctive members, offering a 24 hours a day service, 364 days per year, with daily shifts divided into 7 specific units in order to cater for the diverse requirements of the terminal users. CULMV carry out approximately 50% of the loading, and unloading operations in the Port of Genoa and Prà-Voltri. The Compagnia Unica is equipped to cater for all classes of vessels and all key commodity sectors, and is backed up by modern handling equipment which can be utilized by all port terminal operators.