Plan for new Genoa Sestri Ponente mega drydock kicks off

Sviluppo aree industriali Sestri Ponente, firmato contratto

Expansion of Sestri Ponente shipyards scheduled to commence: Contract on Phase 2 sealed with Consorzio Stabile Grandi Lavori.

Genoa, 10 March 2022 – Following the publication of the award notice on 27 December 2021, the contract, on phase two of the planned construction of a new drydock, was signed today by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and Consorzio Stabile Grandi Lavori, a joint venture between contractors Consorzio Integra Società Cooperativa and Trevi Spa.

Upon delivery of the executive design, construction preliminaries are expected to kick off by the spring of this year, as the assessment surveys are to date already near completion. The € 338,665,867.82 contract calls for the expansion of the Sestri Ponente industrial site and the installation of a new mega 440-metre drydock to cater for the construction of the next-generation ultra large ships. In addition, the project envisages the improvement of landside access to the shipyards, including the relocation of the existing railway line.

Phase 2 forms part of an extensive plan for the implementation of river defence and hydraulic engineering works in the Genoa-Sestri Ponente port area (P.2879), and ranks as one of the most sophisticated feats of engineering to be carried out within the Port of Genoa 2.3 billion euro infrastructure investment programme.

The Port Authority President, Paolo Emilio Signorini declared: “With the signing of today’s contract, the executive design and construction works in a core sector of Genoa’s port can press rapidly ahead. The ship repair and newbuilding industry in Genoa continues to thrive as one of the leading hubs worldwide, in terms of both size and the high service quality offered, and consequently generates a sizable economic impact upon the local community. Alongside the other 29 plans of the extensive Port of Genoa infrastructure investment programme - 80% of the projects are already underway -, the new mega drydock is set to strengthen and boost further the leadership of Italy’s premier port.”