Construction of the Connecting Bridge


Beneficiary: Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale

The new port area of the multipurpose platform is connected with the nearby intermodal and logistics area by a road bridge overpassing the coastal urban road.

The bridge, for an overall lenght of 440 m, includes five lanes, three of which lead to the port gates and two to the new intermodal terminal.

The Vamp Up Action focused on the construction of the two lanes of the bridge and the correspondent ramps, reserved to truck flows between the platform and the intermodal terminal, for a total length of 405 and 350 m respectively.

Works have started on July 1, 2015 (eligible since March 1 2016) and were completed on December 31 2019. Specifically, the following works were implemented:

  • metallic bridge deck (120 m / 4 reinforced concrete pillars)
  • two concrete ramps - intermodal terminal side (228 m / 7 reinforced concrete pillars, 172 m / 5 reinforced concrete pillars)
  • concrete ramp - multipurpose platform side (68 m)
  • finishing works (soundproof barriers, stretched metal sheet coverage, Customs fences, road lighting system, drainage system, flowerbeds)