New Pope Bridge: First Concrete Pour Ceremony

The footing of the new Pope Bridge takes shape.  The road infrastructure works in the Port of Genoa forge ahead.

Genoa – At 18:00 hrs on 28 June the first concrete footing of the new Pope Bridge was poured during a ceremony, heralding the start of new extensive road infrastructure construction works on-site and around the Sampierdarena port area in a far-reaching 141-million euro project. The new bridge has been designed to provide 4 upper dedicated lanes for heavy vehicles and 1 + 1 lower lanes, which can be doubled in case of emergency, with the ultimate objective of easing traffic across the port gates and separating trucks from urban traffic. The new Pope Bridge fits into a wider scheme of planned infrastructure works to build direct road links between the Port of Genoa and the Milan and Turin-bound A7 and A26 motorways. The concrete pouring process continued throughout the night and the following day.

Paolo Emilio Signorini, President of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority: “The first concrete footing of the new Pope Bridge is a tangible sign pointing to the current progress of the strategic infrastructure works underway to improve accessibility to/from the port. The wide range of new major road infrastructure, together with the planned last-mile rail links and the construction of the new breakwater, all concur to sustain the growth in cargo volumes of Italy’s leading port.”

Francesco Aguglia, General Manager Domestic Operation,  Impresa Pizzarotti: “The new Pope Bridge was planned with the use of modern methods of calculation both in terms of structural and hydraulic analyses. Following the recommendations of the Liguria Region, we developed a model of a complex hydraulic system which ensures stability even in extreme conditions. The start of the building process of the Bridge coincided with the worst crisis in steel production and supply in the last thirty years, sparked off by the Ukraine conflict. With a strong sense of responsibility, and bolstered by the reassurances of the Port Authority to offset unexpected extra costs, Impresa Pizzarotti is proceeding swiftly, ahead of schedule, with the supply of the building material and the construction of the foundation of the Bridge to guarantee a new high performance road network serving the Port of Genoa.”