Do you want to take your own photos and videos? - Media Kit

All requests regarding filming and photography in the Ports of Genoa and Prà must be authorised in advance from the Port Leaseholder(s), the Port of Genoa Coastguards and the Port Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea.

All applications must be compiled using the downloadable application forms.

  1. The site in which you wish to film or take photographs may be identified online:
  1. Authorisation must be requested in advance from the Port Leaseholder which operates the area in question (eg. terminal operators, passenger port operator, ship repairs companies, ship construction companies etc.).
  1. Once written authorisation has been granted, please send written application on headed letter paper for a permit from the Coastguards of the Port of Genoa (Sezione Tecnica), which requires you to submit the following information: scope and purpose of film and/or photographs, date of shooting, ID details of crew including scan of ID cards, indication of number plate of vehicles. The cost of the permit is two 16-euro stamp duties.
  1. Upon receipt of the Coastguards’ Permit, the Port Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea Permit may be requested at the offices in Ponte dei Mille (Stazione Marittima), Ufficio Anagrafe, opening hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 to 12:00 hrs. The documents which must be submitted include the Coastguards’ Permit and the Application Forms G - Modello G - and H - Modello H.

The cost of the permit is 6 euros.

Please note that if filming is restricted to only one day, it is not necessary to go in person to the Ufficio Anagrafe. It is possible to request a one-day pass from the Security Staff at one of the port gates upon presentation of the Port of Genoa Coastguards permit.



Capitaneria di Porto/Coastguards
Sezione Tecnica
Via Magazzini Generali – Porto Antico
Tel. +39 010 27771 - Sezione Tecnica +39 010 2777333

Open to the public:
Monday to Thursday 9-12:00 hrs;
Friday 9-11:00 hrs;
Tuesday and Wednesday 15-16:00 hrs


Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale/Port Authority of the Western Ligurian Se
Ufficio Anagrafe Portuale
Stazione Marittima - Ponte dei Mille
Tel. +39 010 241 2552 – 2529 – 2872;

Open to the public:  Monday to Friday 9:30 –12:00 hrs


Press  Office: