Access to the port of Genoa for work: who to contact and what documents to bring

To carry out work in the port, the application must be accompanied by prior authorisation of the holder of the State concession where the employees/owners of the company must go to carry out these activities. Prior authorisation can be formulated using Form A (pdf - 82.19 Kb ), which must be completed by the legal department representative of the company holding the state concession where the work is to be carried out.

 Application Form B (pdf - 81.43 Kb ) must be completed in its entirety by the legal representative of the company requesting access permits for the port, accompanied by the attached Form C (pdf - 206.15 Kb ), detailing the persons and any vehicles for which access to the port is requested.

 Applications for the issue of electronic badges, for entitled users, delivered to the Port Registry Office of Ponte dei Mille, must be forwarded to, and, where applicable, photos in digital format .jpg, in colour and sufficiently sharp. Regarding applications for the issue of electronic badges through a web portal, the entitled users must be authorised in advance, through the issue of a username and password by the Port Registry Office.

 Regarding work to be carried out in the water or in the basin on board ships with an overall length of more than 24 m, with the work order coming from a party not holding a company licence as per the Regulations for the Shipbuilding Sector of the Port of Genoa, provisional authorisation must be requested from the Company Activities Office.

 In the case of work relating to specialist interventions as per the Shipbuilding Regulations and lasting no more than one day for a maximum of two people, you must apply for the Specialist Authorisation to the Local Directorate – Port Work Health and Safety Office - Industrial Sector.