Savona and Vado access permits

The New Telematic System for Requesting Permits has come into operation.

If should be noted that, starting from January 2017, a new telematic system has been in operation that allows, to all users who accredit themselves, the management of long-term permits and the management of temporary permits.

The system, called Sportello Telematico [Telematic Desk], accessible from the Port Community System (PCS) portal, allows for dialogue between users and the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority - Savona office, for the provision of numerous services, including those relating to the management of company data, staff and access permits, both long-term and temporary in a direct, transparent and immediate way.

The PCS portal is accessible at the URL

For more detailed information on new procedures, please refer to the Initial PCS Accreditation FAQ and the Access Permissions FAQ available at the bottom of this page.

After initial accreditation the user will be able to consult the USER GUIDE for the use of the long-term permission management service with which it will be possible to request and renew personal permits.

No further paper-based access permit files may be submitted.

In order to facilitate the transition from the current paper mode to the telematic mode of practices, we inform you that:

- all access permits to the Port expiring on 31 December 2016 were automatically extended until 30 April 2017;

- in the PCS portal all data in the possession of the Port Authority relating to businesses and staff (including photo cards) will already be available to users without the need for new entry. The user has only to check, modify and integrate, if necessary;

- the identification badges already possessed by staff will remain valid, even with the start of the new system.

Any information and clarification in this regard can be requested by e-mail at, or by phone at +39 019 855 4200.

To know more

FAQ - Initial accreditation to the PCS (pdf - 430.38 Kb )

FAQ – I permessi di accesso (pdf - 63.35 Kb )

Ordinanza 3/2005 (pdf - 1.4 Mb )

Visits to the port

Istanza di visite al porto (Mod 2G)  (pdf - 205.08 Kb )