Suppliers’ register

Suppliers’ register definition

The Register of Suppliers and Contractors of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority is the main instrument for identifying companies qualified to provide goods and services and for the execution of work.

The same can be used whenever there are the conditions for resorting to the experiment of negotiated procedure without prior publication of the tender notice and/or direct assignment, pursuant to the Administration and Accounting Regulations of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and Presidential Decree no. 862 of 12/7/2007 and subsequent amendments and integrations, in compliance with the principles set forth in art. 30 of Legislative Decree 50/2016, as well as ANAC guidelines no. 4 for the implementation of Legislative Decree 50/2016 containing "procedures for the award of public contracts below the thresholds of community relevance, market surveys and training and management of lists of economic operators", approved by the Authority's Council with resolution no. 1097 of 26 October 2016, and published in GURI (Official Gazette of the Italian Republic) no. 274 of 23 November 2016.

Suppliers’ register
Please note that the existing register is valid from 01 January 2017 and, unless otherwise provided, it will not be subject to time restrictions.

Interested companies may submit their registration application throughout the period of validity in accordance with the procedures set out in the regulations and better described in the section "how to become a supplier".