Terminal Alti Fondali Savona

Sede operativa
Zona 29 , Porto di Savona, 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 813072
Fax +39 019 829057

Sede amministrativa
Via Stalingrado, 25 17014 San Giuseppe di Cairo (Sv) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 506711
Fax +39 019 5067900

TAFS operates in the dry bulk sector, namely hard coals and energy products. The terminal can unload 2,000 tons/h thanks to the continuous unloading plant and the other high-performing quay infrastructures. The close operational synergy between TAFS and Funivie S.p.A., allows the terminal to rely on a very efficient forwarding and storing system, working both in the port and in the inner harbour areas.

The seven quay storage tanks (8,000 m3 each) are directly connected to Funivie S.p.A. cable-way through a system of belts running underground and allowing to forward more than 6,000 tons /day from the port of Savona to the inland storage area in San Giuseppe di Cairo Montenotte (20 hectares), where goods, at the clients’ request, may be selected and crushed. The delivery of goods can also be carriedout by truck or rail, since the terminal has two dedicated rail lines.

Thanks to the remarkable quay length (about 300 m) and water depth (19 m), the terminal is able to receive the largest bulk carriers.

QUAY port of Savona, zone 29 (length 274 m, depth 19.5 m)
STORAGE AREA quay-side buffer depot (7 covered docks, 50,000 m3 total capacity Bragno storage yard: 140,000 sqm
PORT EQUIPMENT self propelled bucket crane, 2,000 t/h bucket continuous unloader
WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT buckets, hoppers, mechanical shovels, bulk screening and crushing plants
OPERATING CAPACITY ship tonnage up to 120,000 t DWT