IP Italiana Petroli - Gruppo API

Via Stalingrado, 98 - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 230291
Fax +39 019 23029236

In the Vado Ligure harbour, IP ITALIANA PETROLI operates an unloading plant for oil products, consisting in a mooring platform (450 m offshore), connected via underwater pipeline to a coastal depot for fuel and lubricants.

The depot (compliant with quality standards ISO 9001, safety standards OHSAS 18001 and environmental standards ISO 14001) distributes diesel oil for the provinces of Savona, Imperia and Cuneo.
The plant also deals with the production of lubricating oils, then distributed throughout Italy and abroad, on behalf both of TOTALERG and third parties.

QUAY Savona harbour, mooring platform (depth 9 m)
STORAGE AREA tanks 70,000 m3
outdoor 10,000 sqm
PORT EQUIPMENT tank ship loading/unloading plants
WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT blending, filling and packaging plants for lubricants
OPERATING CAPACITY ship tonnage up to 15,000 t GT