Green initiatives

In recent years, projects and activities have been carried out to balance territorial and economic development with environmental challenges.

A firm commitment to the ongoing improvement of environmental policies is also exercised across public consultations with citizens, port operators and other public sector authorities.

The Ports of Genoa have already spearheaded multiple initiatives towards the promotion of the Green Port, namely:

  • the introduction of a new service involving the separate collection and management of land and ship waste produced in the port area;
  • the employment of alternative energy sources, such as LNG and biomass, for heating and cooling buildings;
  • participation in European projects and working groups, with public and local authorities towards noise reduction impact of port activities;
  • the installation of a 120 kW photovoltaic system on the West Terminal roof of Savona's Palacrociere Cruise Teminal;
  • the construction of a facility to accommodate Palacrociere's first LNG-powered passenger ship;
  • the replacement of traditional lights with energy-saving lights (LEDs);
  • the provision of shoreside electrical power to the Genoa Prà basin to reduce pollutant emissions, improve energy efficiency and noise reduction impact;
  • the introduction of a cold ironing system which provides shoreside electrical power to vessels at berth whilst the main and auxiliary engines are switched off, leading to a reduction of CO2 emissions in the Vado Ligure basin.


  • 22 July 2019
  • 22 July 2019
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