Ente Bacini S.R.L

Via Molo Giano - 16128 Genova (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 2461209
Fax. +39 010 2461202

The ship repair, conversions and newbuilding industry ranks as one of Genoa’s primary industries and it continues to thrive as one of the leading facilities in the Mediterranean, in terms of size and the high service quality offered.

Ente Bacini has been operating in the Port of Genoa since 1925 and coordinates over eighty specialised companies equipped to provide the full range of services: ship construction, repair and maintenance, high-tech and refurbishing works for all types of vessels, namely, cruiseships, ferries, container carriers, oil tankers, gas and chemical carriers, pontoons, barges, mega yachts.

Ente Bacini operates five drydocks which are all fitted out with powerful pumping stations for the emptying of the docks, mobile cranes, with up to 40 t. lifting capacity, mooring winches, supply of sea water and fresh water, and compressed air equipment. The drydocks are equipped with a state-of-the-art decontamination plant to deal with the run-off water generated during work on vessels. The system exceeds current anti-pollution regulations and is the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean.

The Genoa ship repair site is located in a area to the east of the Old Port which stretches from Calata Gadda to the Fiera of Genova.The client list is impressive and includes Corsica and Sardinia Ferries, Costa Crociere, Grimaldi, Mediterranean Shipping Company and Moby Lines.




1 170 24.80 8.20
2/1(full coverage) 68 18 7.50
2/1 108 18 7.50
2/2 99 18 7.50
3 200 30 9.10
4 267 40 11.50
5 249 38 8.70