Spare Navi & Services S.r.l.

Sede e Officina
Via Molo Giano, 16128 Genova, Italy 
Tel.  +39 010 2462772 
Fax.  +39 010 265680

Magazzino Ricambi
Via Nuova Banchina Industriale (ex via dei Pescatori),
16128 Genova, Italy 
Tel.  +39 0102470197 
Fax.  +39 010 2473556

Spare Navi & Services is a company operating in the spare parts and services market for naval and industrial engines, it carries out its business in Genoa and all over the world, providing technical support and solutions to optimize engines operation of various brands.

Company founders and owners, thanks to their long experience in the engine manufacturers world, can offer high-level technical support both to the service/workshop department and to the spare parts sales.

Spare Navi & Services has a large warehouse in the port of Genoa and a spare parts sales department capable of supplying a wide range of components ready in stock, OEM of proven quality guaranteed, and Originals from our represented companies.

The workshop, located in the ship repair area, is equipped for the maintenance of all engine components such as cylinder heads, pistons, cylinder liners, valves, fuel pumps, thermostatic valves, charge air coolers, etc.), it can also hold entire engines for their complete regeneration and dampers for their maintenance, it also includes a department dedicated to the regeneration of components for the injection system.

For on-board or on-site service activities, in addition to routine interventions, it can also carry out specialistic operations such as endoscopy and laser alignments.

TOTAL AREA over 3400 m