PSA Sech

Calata Sanità - Palazzina Uffici 
16126 Genova Porto, Italy
Tel. +39 010 64831
Fax +39 010 6483146

PSA SECH, located in the Sampierdarena Basin area, with a maximum annual capacity of 550,000 TEU, is one of the main import/export terminals in the country.

The ideal position of the port in which it operates and its location, which allows for strategic proximity to access by sea, rail and land, constitute an optimal base for discharging and loading operations and for land connections with logistical hubs, favouring penetration logics towards the production areas of northern Italy and southern Europe.

The beating heart of the activities is the operations yard where container handling operations, PSA SECH’s core business, are coordinated and carried out.

Basic cycle operations are complemented by a full range of auxiliary services and supported by state-of-the-art technology in the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The company's investments, together with those of the Port of Genoa, have in recent years raised the level of quality to allow faster and safer transit of goods, enabling the terminal to consolidate its position in the North Tyrrhenian port market.

In this context, dredging was recently completed which brought the depth of the quay down to 15 metres, so that ULCS (14,000 TEU) can continue to be handled.

LOCATION Genoa, Calata Sanità
handling capacity
205,000 sqm
550,000 TEU/per annum

1 x 526 m
15 m
HANDLING EQUIPMENT 5 superpost-panamax SSGCs
6 RTGs (+ 2 for rail facility)
6 RMGs
17 reach-stackers
8 forklifts
25 yard tractors
STACKING AREA Reefer plugs: 246
IMDG capacity: 405 TEU
Sheltered customs inspection area
On-site veterinary station in compliance with the EC Directive 97/78
RAIL FACILITIES 3 x 370 m tracks