The Western Ligurian Sea Port  Authority is a  non-economic public body responsible for coordinating  operations in the Ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure in a European context.

The Port  Authority directs  the port network and administers the areas where  dedicated companies are in place to accommodate all classes of ships and cater for all key commodity sectors.  In addition, the Port Authority  inspects all port activities,  ensures that all safety and security measures are complied with across the ports and regulates the provision of common user services.

To boost port activities, the Port Authority leads the overall promotion of  the port  across international markets and enhances cooperation amongst logistic service providers in the ports’ key catchment area.

In addition, the Port Authority is committed to an intensive use and expansion of its  Port Community System to ensure  fast road and rail connections,  efficient gate in/gate out operations in port terminal areas and a smooth exchange of electronic documents amongst all the major players actively involved in operations along  the supply chain management.

In conformity with the guidelines of other public institutions, from the European Union to local community bodies, the Port Authority drafts the  Port Masterplan  which sets out  the  strategies to optimise existing resources and plan  new works,  identifying new growth opportunities for the port and the region, whilst focusing on new  market requirements  and protection of the environment.

Therefore,  the Port Authority sets out the terms and conditions of port redevelopment  to enhance  port competitiveness , through self-financing,  the participation in Italian and EU funding programmes and  the establishment of  mixed public-private joint ventures.