Esso Italiana S.r.l.

Stabilimento di Vado Ligure
Via Sabazia , 94 – 17047 Vado Ligure (Sv), Italy
Tel. +39 019 2102279

Esso Italiana S.r.l. owns a Lubricant Plant in Vado Ligure connected via pipeline to a berth, received by public concession, supplying the site with base oils for blending purposes.

From the berth, located in Vado Ligure harbour, base oils are pumped by pipeline to the plant for manufacturing processes, packaging, storage and distribution.

BERTHS Vado Ligure harbour, jetty (length 600 m, depth 10 m)
STORAGE AREA total plant surface 100,000 sqm
PORT EQUIPMENT tank ship unloading plant
WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT blending, filling and packaging plants for lubricants
OPERATING CAPACITY ships up to 12,000 t DWT