Rolcim S.P.A

Via A. Volta, 1 - 22046 Como (CO) - Italy

Terminal Genova:
Ponte ex Idroscalo - 16149 Genova (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 261078
Fax +39 010 2544248

With approximately 650,000 tons handled per annum, Rolcim Spa ranks as one of the leading Italian shippers and distributors of cement.
Since the company was taken over at the beginning of 2002 by the Swiss group HOLCIM, international leader in the production of cement, the headquarters were transferred to Genoa and, subsequently, in 2009 to Merone, Como, under the guidance of the General Manager, Alessandro Manfredi, and oversees the management of all its port terminals located throughout Italy: Genoa, Chioggia, Livorno, Marghera and Ravenna.
The terminals can accommodate a total of 240 vessels annually which ship cement to the major industrial centres in Northern and Central Italy and France. In Genoa, Rolcim Terminal handles approximately 50,000 tons annually.
The terminal has been operational since 1997, and today features 6 silos with a total storage capacity of 18,000 tons, alongside a draught of 10 m at Ponte Ex Idroscalo. The quay can accommodate pneumatic cement carriers that discharge cargo by sucking and blowing it ashore through pipes, and bulk carriers, transporting principally white cement, served by a newly installed mobile suction system.
The quality control of the cement is conducted under the supervision of the major classification societies in accordance with current EU regulations.

LOCATION Genoa: Ponente Ex Idroscalo
TOTAL CAPACITY 18.000 tons
DEPTH 10 m