Terminal Rinfuse GE

Palazzina Uffici - Ponte Rubattino - 16126 Genova (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 248861
Fax +39 010 2481002

The terminal is equipped to handle the complete range of dry bulk, namely: coal, rock salt, sands, cement, fertilizers, minerals, biomass (e.g. woodpellet, woodchip and PKS), project cargo, steel products. The company offers its clients the benefits of an efficient and experienced organization specialized in loading/unloading operations, storage and reload on train and truck.

Genoa’s dry bulk terminal covers a surface area of 98,359 sqm and features three quays with a total berthing line of approximately 930 linear meters and depth alongside up to 11.58 m. TRGE offers two warehouses, Rubattino and Giaccone, with a total surface area of 15,000 sqm. One of them is positioned on Rubattino quay, just behind the wharf cranes and it’s divided into separate areas with sliding roofs enabling discharging to be carried out directly from the vessels to storage.

At the beginning of 2014, TRGe decided to dedicate the entire Giaccone warehouse, 8,000 sqm, for storage and bagging of wood pellet.

TRGe is equipped with four gantry cranes with a capacity which ranges from 12 to 80 tons, 2 hopper chains, 2 of them are equipped with de-dusted system on board, that are used to discharge dusty products, and over 2,500 meters of fully automated conveyor stacking line with an integrated rail/truck loading system.

Every pier is equipped with truck washing system.

The full range of terminal mobile vehicles includes Front loaders, forklifts up to 32-ton capacity, a mobile charger.

A tank truck, 1 bobcat and 1 sweeper are employed for dust control and cleaning services.

LOCATION Genoa: Ponte Rubattino
Calata Giaccone
Ponte San Giorgio - Testata Ponte Fx Idroscalo
TOTAL AREA 98,359 mq

930 m
11.58 m
Gantry yard stacker: 2
Cranes: 4
Excavator: 4
Front loaders: 9
Forklifts: 5
Bobcat: 1
Sweepers: 1
Tank truck: 1
Mobile charger: 1
1 seal bagging and robotic palletizing line
2,500 m fully automated conveyor stacking line with integrated truck system
STACKING AREA Open space capacity: 220,000 m3
Warehouse capacity: 70,000 m3