Savona Terminal Auto

Piazza de André, 6 - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 812152 - +39 019 821375
Fax +39 019 821147

Savona Terminal Auto, part of the Grimaldi Group, operates a Ro-Ro terminal, sited in the Darsena Alti Fondali, equipped to handle cars, machinery (self-propelled, wheeled and tracked), trailers, project and heavyweight cargo and trains, thanks to the double rail track perpendicular to the edge of the quay, which allows convoys to roll directly into the ship's hold.

The terminal is located alongside the quay and covers 110,000 sqm surface (40,000 sqm covered), with a handling capacity of 250,000 vehicles per year, bolstered by a storage capacity of 4,000 units, divided by lot and destination. The storage area is equipped with automated truck gates, surveillance cameras and direct rail-road connections and, in addition, offers bonded and fiscal warehousing services.

The complete port operation cycle, from reception to loading/ unloading operations, is integrated into an IT platform and performed by a team of in-house experienced skilled staff, ensuring high standards and minimum ship dwell times.

AREA Total: 120,000 sqm
Covered: 40,000 sqm
QUAY Length: 350 m
Depth: 15 m
STACKING AREA Handling potential: 250,000 vehicles/year
Instant capacity: 10,800 vehicles
RAIL FACILITIES On-dock rail connection