The INES Project


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The project "INES - Implementing New Environmental Solutions in the port of Genoa" - 2014-IT-TM-0276-W is co-financed by the DG Move within the framework of the CEF Transport programme of the European Union.

The proposal was presented under the 2014 CEF Transport Call by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority in order to co-finance the planning and the interventions for the electrification of the docks in the container terminal of Genoa Pra'. This project is part of a global project for the improvement of the environmental performance of the port of Genoa in order to achieve a significant reduction in polluting emissions, in particular CO2 and NOx, and acoustic emissions produced by ships at berth in response also to requests from urban communities.

In the long term, the project will improve the port-city relationship and implement a sustainable growth for future port developments.

The project basically consists of two actions: the construction of a cold-ironing system in the Port of Genoa Pra' and the ex-post evaluation of the impact on climate change.

The project commenced in July 2015 and was completed by 31 December 2021.

Financial details

  Eligible costs (€) EU Funding (€)
AdSPMLO 12.100.000 2.433.500




Project Management e Comunicazione


The proposal of the INES project was submitted by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority under the 2014 CEF Transport Call and approved by the European Commission on 10 July 2015.

The project was launched on 27 February 2015, according to the program attached to the proposal and as agreed in the Grant Agreement signed by the beneficiary on 26 November 2015.

For the entire duration of the project, the project management focused on monitoring the progress of the works and the related progress of financial investments, undertaken to remind the competent offices the need to respect the deadlines of the Project.



According to the approved Communication Plan, this webpage was published to provide widespread coverage of the activities and objectives and results achieved by the project as well as the European funding.

Coverage of the EU funding is provided across the official documents updated annually that the Port Authority is required to publish under current legislation, namely the Annual Report and the Three-year Operational Plan.

Specifically, seminars and interviews were organized in 2020 on environmental sustainability, dock electrification and cold-ironing system in Genoa Pra'.

In November 2020, Giuseppe Canepa (Director of Environment, On-shore Port Infrastructure and Maintenance Services) illustrated the works in progress and their positive impact on Port-City relations during a video interview on TELEGENOVA, a local television broadcaster. 

The EU funding for this project was cited in the webinar “Intermodality, Digitization and Green Technology: the European pathway of the Ports of Genoa. Vamp Up & E-Bridge EU Projects" on 29 December 2020 and in the interview of 24 November 2020. 

Finally, on 1 December 2021 the final event of the project took place at the PSA GENOVA PRA' Terminal. The CINEA agency officer took part from remote and the conclusion of the co-financed interventions was presented, together with the overall results of the INES project, in addition to the methodology and preliminary outputs of the environmental impact study conducted by RINA CONSULTING (see details in Action #2).

The plate installed outside the electrical substation was also shown to the CINEA Agency.

Roll-ups and multimedia materials were published for this event, including a promotional video distributed on institutional social media channels.

INES Project
INES Project

In addition to this final event, another event will take place next spring on the occasion of the official inauguration of the new port electrical systems on the mainland, when the first ship will dock at the new facility on the electrified dock.

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Il progetto Vamp UpAction #1


Cold-ironing systems

Start: OCTOBER 2015

End: JUNE 2021

The main objective of this action is to supply electrical power to two large container vessels simultaneously to allow full operation of the ships at berth without the use of on-board power generation facilities.

The activity is co-financed under the INES project and refers to the executive project and construction site preparation, engineering construction works, the finalization of the installations as well as the subsequent technical tests, checks and inspections.

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ines att1 2m


Il progetto Vamp UpAction #2


Ex-post assessment of the impact on climate change

Start: DECEMBER 2020

End: DECEMBER 2021

Action 2 concerns the delivery of an ex-post assessment of the impact on climate change to test and assess the impact on the environment of the new facilities built in Action 1.

All the assessments on the environmental impact of the Action were conducted in compliance with Annex I of the EIA Directive.

A model will be developed to allow an ex-post assessment of the impact on climate change on the basis of the outcome of the EIA.

This assessment will be completed after a monitoring period of all relevant parameters, which will commence when all facilities are operational.

Action 2 will consist of two parts:

- Preparatory phase in order to define the study concept and finalize the procurement procedure.

- Monitoring and ex-post assessment of the impact on climate change.

The study was carried out by Rina Consulting S.p.a. (download the presentation >)