Costa Crociere - Palacrociere

Calata delle vele, Darsena nuova - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
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Costa Cruises ( is the Italian Cruising Company, part of Carnival Corporation & plc, the largest cruise company in the world. For 75 years, the Costa fleet has plied the seas of the world as ambassador to Italian hospitality and the true Italian holiday, with delicious food, selected wines, unique shopping experience, completed by a vast selection of Italian famous brands.
Currently the Costa fleet, the largest in Europe, features a total of 9 ships in service, all flying the Italian flag. Moreover, two next-generation cruise ships, delivered in 2019 and 2021, are characterized by a revolutionary “green design” and rank as the first cruise ships to be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel.
Costa embodies Italian excellence and offers its guests unique holiday experiences and unforgettable memories, thanks to 19,000 Costa's associates worldwide who work passionately to offer "Italy's finest" cruise vacations across 140 different itineraries, 250 destinations and 60 embarkation ports.


Costa Cruises’ inaugural call in Savona was in November 1996, with Costa Riviera, the first Italian cruise ship to dock there. The alliance between Costa Cruises and the town has flourished ever since.
One of the key stepping stones was marked by the inauguration on 24 November 2003, of the Palacrociere Cruise Terminals, co-financed by Costa under a 3.6 million euro investment programme, managed directly by the company.
On November 8, 2014, on the occasion of the first call of the new flagship Costa Diadema, the second Palacrociere terminal, a 9 million euro investment on the part of Costa Cruises, officially commenced operations.
The Municipality of Savona, the Port Authority and Costa Cruises signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the sustainable development of the cruise sector in town.
Savona is now the main home port of the company, with a total annual throughput of approximately 800,000 passengers.



Calata delle Vele quay (length: 450 m, depth: 11 m, berths: 2);
“Don Genta” quay (length: 325 m, depth: 9 m, berth: 1);
Occasional use of public berths



Total surface area: 46,500 m2
of which:
29,000 mq PALACROCIERE - Terminal n.1
17,500 mq SECOND PALACROCIERE – Terminal n.2.

Terminal n.1


Indoor area 8,000 m2 (including 4,900 m2 waiting area and 1,400 m2 baggage handling area)
external area ( terraces and boarding bridge 2,700 m2)
3 levels; 8 escalators; 4 lifts; 15 check-in desks;
1,400 seats
2 fingers

Terminal n.2


Connected to Palacrociere, Terminal n.1, via a connection path and a bridge of 21 m. at the ground boarding.
indoor area 3,000 m(including waiting area 1,500 m2, baggage handling area 800 m2);
outdoor area (terraces and walkways for boarding 1,000 m2);
2 levels, 2 escalators, 2 panoramic elevators, 8 check-in desks
500 seats
1 finger



Covered bus & coach parking area;
parking areas for buses and cars;
bar/restaurant with panoramic terrace,
VIP lounge
children & teens’ club
conference centre (seating for 200);
crew room- recreation space for crews



Terminals area completely fenced and guarded
12 luggage x-ray control system
(8 Palacrociere and 4 Second Palacrociere)
4 hold luggage x-ray control system
8 hand luggage x-ray control system
12 walk-through metal detector
explosive detector system
Cctv system to control internal and external areas