Stazioni Marittime - Ferry Terminal

Ponte dei Mille - 16126 Genova (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 0898335

Stazioni Marittime S.p.A is the company which has been planning, constructing and operating passenger terminals in the Port of Genoa since 1989.

The company manages five passengers terminals: two purpose-built terminals at Ponte dei Mille and Ponte Andrea Doria are dedicated to cruise traffic, whilst three terminals, at Calata Chiappella, Ponte Caracciolo and Ponte Colombo, are primarily used for ferry traffic. In total, the sites cover approximately 290,000 sqm of surface area, offering 12 berths, along 3000 metres of quays.

Since the early nineties, Stazioni Marittime, together with the Port Authority of Genoa, have invested over €122 m on radically redesigning the dock area, the internal road network, renovating existing buildings and constructing new purpose-built infrastructure to position Genoa as a leading Mediterranean cruise and ferry hub.

Access to the terminals is easy as the passenger port is located just 5 km from Genoa International Airport and 200 m from the railway station, whilst Genoa’s harbour is directly linked to the European motorway network. All Stazioni Marittime-managed terminals are at the forefront of safety and security measures, adhering to all recent strict IMO and EU regulations.

Stazioni Marittime S.p.A. manages the ferry traffic in the Port of Genoa, registering on average 2.5 million passengers and 700,000 vehicles per year, and an annual cargo throughput of 2 million linear metres. Ferry services are offered to Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria by Grandi Navi Veloci, Tirrenia Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione, Moby Lines, Co.Tu.Nav, Algérie Ferries. The area features a total of 10 berths equipped to accommodate ferries, including Ponte Andrea Doria terminal.

The Calata Chiappella Ferry Terminal was designed to manage heavy flows of traffic in the summer months.
It boasts 19 check-in gates that can control and direct vehicles, speeding up access time to the embarkation areas.
In addition, the ferry terminal building is linked to Ponte Colombo and Ponte Caracciolo by a walkway which separates the pedestrian flows from the cars and trucks at quay level.
There is an 80,000-sqm area dedicated to pre-boarding parking and a separate 100,000 sqm truck park.
The terminal building consists of several levels covering a total surface area of 12,000 square meters. In addition to ticket offices and departure lounges, passenger amenities comprise a shopping centre with supermarkets, bars, refreshment areas, banks and a spectacular seaside promenade.

The Ponte Colombo Ferry Terminal is located in the heart of the passenger area: with its three berths, it is used for ferry vessels (both Schengen and extra-Schengen traffic). It covers an area of 6,000 square metres, and from the terminal level a pedestrian link with a mobile gangway connects directly to the ship.

The Ponte Caracciolo Ferry Terminal Located in the western part of the passenger port, the terminal was designed to cater mainly for the fluctuating operating and security requirements of extra-Schengen ferry traffic. The passenger lounge extends over two floors with a total surface area of 2,300 square metres.

AREA 290,000 sqm
FACILITIES 5 passenger terminals
LENGTH OF QUAYS 3000 metres
DEPTH 10.5 m max.
Width: no limit
ANCHORAGE Available: yes
Ship tenders allowed: yes
Tugs available yes
Tidal movement/range: 30 cm
Airport: 5 km
Cinque Terre
Genoa historic centre (the largest in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site)
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