Application forms Savona Territorial Office


All information relating to the opening and closing of seaside activities, the reorganisation of beaches and the assembly of seasonal structures, by way of example, is listed in the current Beach Ordinance, which can be downloaded from the website.

All information relating to the activities indicated above must be sent to the Autorità di sistema portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale (Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority)– Ufficio Territoriale di Savona (Territorial Office of Savona) – Ufficio Territorio (Territorial Office), Capitaneria di Porto di Savona, Regione Liguria (Harbour Office of Savona, Liguria) – Settore Pianificazione Territorial e Demanio Marittimo (Territorial and Maritime State Planning Sector)– Ufficio Aree Demaniali Marittime, Comune di Savona (Maritime State Property Office, Savona City Council) – Help desk:

- Annual sunbathing notice (MOD9) (pdf - 149.35 Kb )
- Seasonal sunbathing notice (MOD9bis) (pdf - 168.12 Kb )
- Opening hours sign for sunbathing   (pdf - 439.29 Kb )


Shows and events taking place in Maritime State Property and in areas within 30 metres of said property (ex Article 55 Nav. Cod.) must receive prior authorisation from all authorities concerned.

For all profit-making shows and events within maritime State property, authorisation will be granted through a maritime State concession subject to a fee.

- Application form for the conduct of shows/events in Maritime State Property (MOD1) (pdf - 228.25 Kb )
- Application form for the conduct of shows/events taking place in the relevant buffer area pursuant to Article 55 of the Navigation Code (MOD2) (pdf - 203.74 Kb )
- Attachment 1 Plan– Vecchia Darsena (pdf - 1.28 Mb )
- Attachment 2 Plan– Extension (pdf - 2.62 Mb )
- Attachment 3 Plan – Fornaci (pdf - 279.15 Kb )
- Memorandum of Understanding between Savona’s former Port Authority City Council-Management of concession and authorisation acts during temporary events taking place out with the sea shore area. (pdf - 2.66 Mb ) 


- Plan of public spaces in the port basin at Vado Ligure-Bergeggi(pdf - 664.76 Kb ) 
- Plan of public spaces in the port basin at Savona (pdf - 586.21 Kb ) 
- Guarantee Scheme - Guarantee scheme pursuant to Article 16 of ‘Regulation for the use of public quays and port areas approved by the Port Authority of Savona’ (MOD_10) (pdf - 24.21 Kb ) 
- Application for Port Operations on public/third party quays - Application for mooring clearance and authorisation to conduct port operations on public/third party quays (MOD_OPORT_24) (pdf - 37.6 Kb ) 
- Helicopter landing request form – Application for occasional helipad use (MODUSP27) (pdf - 96.45 Kb ) 

In further detail
Decree no. 2 of 18 January 2016 (pdf - 652.11 Kb )  – Regulation for the use of quays and public port spaces in the Port of Savona-Vado Ligure and the Vado Ligure roadstead