Transmare S.R.L

Via Aurelia 322  - 17047 Vado Ligure (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 886062 - +39 019 2161791
Cell. +39 335 6747124 - +39 335 6841688
Fax +39 019 886062 - +39 019 884161

Transmare was established in 1977 to perform the boating service in the port of Savona Vado. During the ‘80s the company acquired the concession of marine anti-pollution and environmental services (port sea-surface cleaning), carried out by tugboats equipped with skimmers, recovery equipment and oil booms. Transmare manages hose connection, tanker unloading assistance and anti-pollution services on behalf of oil companies operating in the port of Savona Vado: TotalErg, Petrolig, Esso Italiana and Sarpom. The company also performs environmental monitoring; towage service in the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas (including Corsica, Sardinia and southern France); vessel assistance, rescue and recovery, in all weather/sea conditions, 24 h/day. Transmare achieved ISO-9001. Transmare owns a fleet of 4 tugboats (also equipped for the transport of large volumes of oil) and 8 motorboats, special anti-pollution equipment, as marine platforms for pollution containment and oil boom laying, and quayside cargo handling mobile cranes.